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The reasons to Buzz my hair off..

I am donating my head of hair for this event for a couple of reasons.

The 1st and main reason is to raise funds for our patients fighting cancer. They are working hard to survive, and at times need a hand or two to pull them over a hump. Sometimes it is just the touch of a hand and kind word. And sometimes it’s a basic need, that we who are not fighting for our life take for granted, such as having to choose between treatments and running water in the house. This event supports our cancer patients financial needs. 

The 2nd reason is in support of all the QMG staff who care for cancer patients.  All QMG departments touch the lives of cancer patients every single day.  From the switchboard taking the patient calls, to the nurse administering the treatments, every single QMG team member impacts the life of at least one cancer patient daily.   They cheer with the survivors, share hugs, and wipe tears including their own, in times of happiness and sadness.  Staff also provide this supportive care to their QMG work family battling cancer, and at times their own family including mothers, fathers, spouses, siblings, and even children.  And some of our QMG family are cancer patients, past and current, taking care of cancer patients.

So my hair is to raise funds for those who need it, our cancer patients. And also to support those who give their all, every day, for our patients...the QMG staff.

Thank you for your support :)







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My Supporters

  • QMG Urology Dept Staff June 2019
  • Angels & Cards June 2019
  • Flyn Eagle Trucking June 2019 $1,040.00
  • From Angels & Cards June 2019 $219.00
  • Michelle Lavery All the best! June 2019 $26.00
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  • Flyn Eagle Trucking June 2019 $1,040.00
  • QMG Eye and VIsion Institute Linda Carpenter $25; Sherrie Weerts $25; Dr. Sieck $50; Dr. Sharpe $100; Dr. Wadsworth $100; Kim Bunge $25; Ginny Lease $30; cash $70 June 2019 $425.00
  • Eric Fynn-Thompson June 2019 $260.00
  • From Angels & Cards June 2019 $219.00
  • James Wheeler June 2019 $200.00
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