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I'm giving back to the community that gave me (and many others) a real future.

Howdy, friends. If you're reading this, you likely know that training at Sun Dragon has made me the person I am today. When I found Sun Dragon, I was an alcoholic, smoking a pack a day, and I weighed 330 pounds. I didn't have a clue how the world really worked, and was neck-deep in trauma, mental illness, and shame. 

Over time, as the leaders at Sun Dragon empowered me to advocate for myself and heal my demons, I got better. I made the choice to check myself into rehab, and every year has been more rewarding ever since.

Five and a half years later, I have my black belt, and I work for Sun Dragon. I teach in several classes a week, run our marketing program, and fundraise during Kickathon every year. 

My story is only one story from the hundreds of students that have trained at Sun Dragon over the years. Imagine the amount of impact this school has had on a greater scale. Through our karate and violence prevention programs, we're able to help hundreds of people learn self defense, gain confidence and personal empowerment, and become part of a community that works together to better ourselves and the world we live in. 

Please donate to our cause! Funds raised go to our violence prevention and scholarship programs. Because of Kickathon, people are able to train in karate and learn Empowerment Self Defense at little to no cost. Questions? Reach out to me directly. 

With love,

Senpai Wil 





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