How do I register?

Click here to register for ChildNet's Virtual Auction! You'll receive a registration confirmation email with a Ticket Code and instructions for how to check in and get ready to bid on our Virtual Auction.

How do I claim my Ticket Code and check-in?

After you register, it's time to claim your Ticket Code and check in so that you can participate!

Your personal ticket code appears in your event registration confirmation email. Need help finding that email? 

  • The subject line is:You have just registered for ChildNet's Virtual Auction!
  • The sender is:
  • Still need help? Contact to resend your registration confirmation and Ticket Code

Option 1: Check in online:

Option 2: Check in on the Givi app


I want to check in using a web browser

To participate on your preferred web browser, go to our online event portal to log in.

Step 1: Enter your personal Ticket Code. You can find the ticket code in your registration confirmation email. 


Step 2: Confirm your information

blobid2 (1).jpg

Step 3: Add a Payment Method


Step 4: You’re All Set & Ready to Start Bidding!


Step 5: You will now be logged in to your bidder account. You can verify you’re logged in by looking for your name and bidder number in the upper righthand corner of the event page. 


Step 6: If the user clicks their name or bidder number, they’ll be taken to their Bidder Dashboard. There, they’ll see their auction activity. This is also where bidders can view and edit their ticket details, add a new payment method, or log out of the auction. 



I want to check-in using the Givi app

Step 1: Download the Givi App 

GiviDownloadQR_oozwhd (1).png


Step 2: To be taken directly to ChildNet's Virtual Auction in the app, enter the event code you received after registration. You can find the code in your registration confirmation email. When you click “Go,” you’ll be logged directly into the auction.  



Step 3: Confirm or edit your ticket details. 


Step 4: Enter a Password 


Step 5: Enter your Payment Method (registration is FREE)


Step 6: Allow push notifications so you can receive outbid alerts 


Step 7: You’re In! You can now browse items and swipe to bid. 


Claiming your Ticket on the WEB

Claiming your Ticket in the GIVI APP

Need help with the Givi App?


Contact our team: or you can reach her by cell at 954-204-6198.