Cityteam Ambassadors  

One of the biggest struggles people experiencing homelessness face is lack of hope. When someone doesn't have basic necessities like food, shelter, and work, overcoming his or her circumstances can feel hopeless. But, just one step can bring hope to someone in need. 

You can help someone take one step to hope. You can be a part of the solution for the homeless men and women that you see in your city. As a Cityteam Ambassador, you will receive resources to provide help and hope. Next time you see someone who is struggling with homelessness or poverty, you will be equipped to offer real help. Those first interactions of kindness are so important to show that God cares about them and that real change is possible.

Become a Cityteam Ambassador Today

  • Tools to guide you in helping and praying with someone who is homeless
  • Resource cards to pass out with information about Cityteam programs including meals and shelter
  • Invites to special Cityteam Ambassador only events
  • Access to advice from experts in homeless outreach
  • Exclusive “One Step to Hope” T-Shirt

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About Cityteam

At Cityteam someone in need can receive hot meals, shelter, food boxes, toiletries, showers, long-term addiction recovery, learning and career classes, case management, and Bible studies. Cityteam meets the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people struggling with poverty, homelessness, or addiction. We have been helping people in need for over 60 years, and we need your help. Ambassadors like you can be the hands and feet of Jesus to help the rising number of people in need.