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If you supported this cause last year, I thank-you greatly, and please consider continuing your support and telling others about it, so we can reach our goal.  This year, I have elevated our goal to the full amount of awarding a research grant of $10,000 in honor of both Fred Glavan and his sister Lee Gallagher the siblings that would both be proud of us all for doing all we can to defeat this disease.

Next year, I intend to collaborate with Donna before the kickoff of the Strides challenge to ensure I have words to enter here describing how "Lovely Lee" lived her life.  Unfortunately, her move to California when I was an infant along with her shortened life, leaves all of us with losses that we can't regain.  Fortunately, this cause has allowed me to be able to reconnect with a cousin I never knew.

My dad, Fred Glavan aka "Fearless Fred", was truly that.  Fearless in the way he lived his life and how he faced CJD.  A hard worker, Dad lead the way whether it was for the way he worked or the way he played.  Dad only took vacation for fun (not to work around the house) and in so doing, showed us how to camp and fish and travel all over the country.  Dad also was a great saver of many things, which ultimately helped him to retire as early as he possibly could and it's a damn good thing he did too, because only about four years after retiring, CJD caught up with him.  It's heartbreaking that dad didn't get to share all of his talents with his grandchildren, but he was able to do his best to help find a cure.

Now it’s time for us to do our part to help advance the science needed to combat the advancement of CJD in our family and that of others.  We lost our dad in May of 2000, but since then we have continued his legacy and now Lee's by contributing both monetarily and scientifically to the studies engaging in the research to find a cure.  Together with your help, we can continue to move science forward.  In only the last few years, many discoveries have been found to help our family and others to have hope.  Scientific research for diseases associated with genetic markers is the new scientific frontier and great breakthroughs are now more real than ever.

I thank all of you sincerely for your help in this effort, Marty





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  • SAP November 2021 $50.00
  • Siobhan Collopy November 2021 $50.00
  • Craig Rice September 2021 $100.00
  • Joann lavan-Daye September 2021 $1,000.00
  • Joann P. Glavan Daye September 2021 $1,000.00
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  • Donalyn Mikulich September 2021 $1,060.00
  • Donna Gallagher I love you Mom!! September 2021 $1,060.00
  • Joann lavan-Daye September 2021 $1,000.00
  • Joann P. Glavan Daye September 2021 $1,000.00
  • Pat and Bob Elliot My Dad would be so proud of the amazing "Strides" that the CJD Foundation has made to fund research which has made a huge impact in a short time! In a matter of decades CJD researchers have developed a rapid diagnosis test and are on the brink of testing September 2021 $1,000.00
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