2022 Write-a-thon Flash Fiction Workshop

6 Weeks: June 19 – July 29, 2022

Want to get more out of your Write-a-thon? Want to take your writing to the next level?
Sign up for our Flash Fiction Workshop. 

Registration for the Flash Fiction Workshop has closed.

If you registered for the workshop, please be sure to fill out your survey by (or before) June 17 to be placed in your group! 

The goal: write a new flash fiction story every week, receive critiques on your stories, and learn to critique others’ writing. You’ll be randomly assigned to a group of no more than 8 writers, and you’ll exchange stories with your group every week. 
Participants will: 

  • Write a new flash fiction story every week
  • Critique 3–7 other stories every week
  • Be self moderated and follow critique and discussion guidelines

To join, register for the Write-a-thon and sign up for Flash Fiction Groups. There is a $15 administrative fee to participate (BIPOC seats and discounts are available, please read more information below). After registering you’ll receive a survey that tells us a little bit about your writing and what you hope to get out of the experience. 
You’ll be placed in a private channel of up to 8 other writers in our Discord server. 

While you are not required to write to any of the prompts we provide, we’ll kickoff each week with a new prompt posted will be posted at 6:00pm Pacific on Saturday nights for the six consecutive weekends of the Write-a-thon — June 18, June 26, July 2, July 9, July 16, and July23.

You’ll have until 9:00pm Pacific Time on the following Thursday to submit your flash fiction piece of 1,500 words or fewer. You’ll also turn in critiques for your group members’ works by 9:00pm the following Wednesday. (All times in Pacific Daylight Time.)

Every week, Flash Fiction Workshop participants who submit their stories by the deadline and meet the wordcount requirement can enter their stories into a lottery receive a special critique from author and frequent Clarion West Instructor Andy Duncan. 

Ready to sign-up? 

After registering up for the Write-a-thon you’ll be sent a link to the Write-a-thon classes and sprints, including the Flash Fiction Workshop. Simply select the Flash Fiction Workshop and complete the registration. 

Discounts and Scholarships

Limited Free Registration: We reserve a percentage of free seats in every class for writers who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or Persons of Color (BIPOC) on a first-come-first-served basis, regardless of financial need. Please email us with the name of the class you would like to enroll in, even if the class appears full: info@clarionwest.org. We ask that you limit your request to 3-5 classes maximum, listed in order of your first choice. Read more about our equity and inclusion policies here.

Helping Hand Discount (Enter Code at Checkout): If you are under more limited economic circumstances and/or identify as from a marginalized background, we offer a 26% discount. Enter this code at checkout: CWDISCOUNTS4WRITERS. You are invited to use this discount code for all online classes and workshops if this will help you take the class. Read about why we offer this discount here.

Complete the Participant Survey by June 17

After you have completed registration, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to a brief information survey. You must complete the survey by or before June 17.

Once you have completed the survey, you will be placed in a group of 6-8 other writers in a private Discord Channel with your group on Saturday, June 18.

Still have questions? You can find more answers on the Flash Fiction Workshop FAQ page.

The Clarion West workshop team reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to remove anyone from the critique group for not following our Code of Conduct or anti-harassment policies. 

Flash Fiction Workshop Presenting Sponsor

Sample schedule

Week 1 (June 18 - June 24)
Saturday, June 18:
Story prompt & critique advice will be posted in Disord
Monday, June 22:
Craft talk video with Andy Duncan posted in Discord
Wednesday, June 24:
No critiques due this week, but your critique of the other stories in your group will be due every following Wednesday by 9:00 PM
Thursday, June 25:
Your first story submission due by 9:00 PM
Friday, June 26:
Lottery selection for critique of your story from Andy Duncan.
You must have submitted a flash story, meeting the story criteria of 1,500 words or less, by 9:00 PM Pacific Time on Thursday evening for your story to qualify for the lottery that week. Participants are eligible for only one story to be selected for a lottery throughout the Write-a-thon. 

By joining a the workshop, you are agreeing to:

  • Participate for all six weeks
  • Submit only one story, of 1,500 words or less each week
  • Follow story and critique guidelines, included in your Discord channel 
  • Read and follow our Code of Conduct
  • Adhere to our anti-harassment policy
  • Embrace diverse writers and stories and conduct yourself with kindness and respect for others
  • Do your best to submit on time
  • Be prepared to give and receive feedback