Prayer Journey 2019

Global Communications

Global Resourcing Project

Seeking ways to present MoveIn's vision across linguistic and cultural barriers.

Our heart is to see more teams formed out of cultural blends, English speakers and believers from other linguistic backgrounds who have chosen to serve their neighbours together. Most of MoveIn's promotional materials are geared towards the English-speaking majority both linguistically and culturally however.

We want to serve our Christan brothers and sisters from other backgrounds better by preparing more interculturally friendly promotional materials and testing them in different settings. We hope this makes MoveIn more approachable for people from all cultures both here in our own cities as well as around the globe.

This project will take place in two parts: first by developing the resources and using them locally, second
by planning a trip to Turkey to test them in a different cultural context.

To God be the Glory!

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Project Team

Team Leader: Shane Powell





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