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Why College Mentors?

Did you know that mentoring transforms lives? Research shows that kids with mentors view themselves and their futures more positively than those without mentors. Not only do they view themselves in a more confident light, but they also achieve more positive outcomes in school, the workplace, and their communities. We all know that growing up is challenging, but, with a mentor, it’s a little easier. And that’s exactly why I’ve chosen to be volunteer with College Mentors.

College Mentors for Kids connects kids to college students through weekly on-campus activities that inspire growth, confidence, and brighter futures.

As the Vice President of Fundraising this year, I do a lot of behind the scenes work for our organization. I monitor the chapter budget, I collaborate with local businesses to obtain resources for our chapter, and I work with the other executive board members to create the best experience possible for our little buddies. 

I can't do all of this without your help, though. Please consider making a gift to help me meet my fundraising goal! Your contribution will allow us to continue this program on our campus so that we can spread the powering of mentoring.





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