Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more information on registration, fundraising, donations and event day details here! Still have questions? Call us at 312-527-3743 or email

Virtual Plunge

  • What is the Virtual Chicago Polar Plunge?
    • Plunge anywhere at anytime between March 1-7, 2021! Have fun and be creative with your own verision of the Chicago Polar Plunge! Jump in your pool, make snow angels, run through a hose, jump in a pile of snow, etc. we can't wait to see what you all come up with!
  • Do I still need to register?
    • Yes! You will still register the same way as last year. Once registered you can start collecting pledges and take the plunge! REGISTER HERE!
  • When is the Virtual Chicago Polar Plunge?
    • Plunge anytime between March 1-7, 2021. Tune in on March 7 for our live Meltdown Party! We will be sharing all of your photos and videos and giving away prizes for best costumes and most creative plunge!

  • I usually plunge with a team, how will that work this year?
    • We still encourage you to virtually plunge with your team! A team is a great way to maximize your fundraising and make the experience even better! One great thing about a virtual event is that you can recruit team members from anywhere! On Plunge day, you can all gather online to participate or have a virtual meltdown party!

  • Where can I send in photos and videos of my virtual plunge?
  • Will I still receive my t-shirt?
    • Yes! After you have raised the fundraising minimum of $200 your t-shirt will be mailed to you! Fundraising deadline is February 15, to receive your t-shirt by plunge day. All other plungers will receive their t-shirt shortly after.

  • How do we get our towel or other incentives?
    • Towels and other incentives will be mailed to address provided in your registration once you have reached the required fundraising levels.
  • Can I still plunge at North Avenue Beach on my own?
    • No, due to the City of Chicago mandate all beaches are currently closed. Please follow all city guidelines. 


  • Can you help me register?

Check out this step by step guide to help you register!

  • Can I join a team after I register?

If you’d like to move your individual fundraising page to a team, reach out to us and we can move your registration for you!

  • How do I customize my individual fundraising page?

Login to your account. In the upper right hand corner, click on the "My Fundraising Tools" dropdown menu. Select "Edit My Page" and begin making changes to your individual fundraising page. You can also click on the "Edit My Page" button in the lower left hand corner. 

  • What link should I share?

We encourage all particiapnts to share their individual fundraising page URL, regardless of team membership. All donations made to an individual fundraisers page transfer up to the team page and overall fundraising total. 

  • Can I invite friends, family and supporters to join me at the Plunge via QGiv?

If you want friends, family and supporters to join your team and participate in the 2021 Chicago Polar Plunge presented by Jackson, share your team fundraising link with them! They can "Join Your Team" directly from the page and be guided to register under your campaign.  

  • How do I promote my campaign on social networks?

Utilize the resources within your QGiv account! QGiv makes it easy to share your fundraiser on Facebook & Twitter, as well as send a fundraising email to potential team members and donors.

  • Can I access reports with my donor’s information to thank them?

Login into your account. In the upper right hand corner, click on the "My Fundraising Tools" dropdown menu. Click on "Donation Center" to view all of your donors, their donation amount will show and you will have the option to contact them. 



  • What do I do with cash and check donations?

 Please, get cash and checks in early!

To make an offline donation by mail, please clearly print your information on THIS FORM and sent to:

Special Olympics Chicago
2 E 8 Street

Suite 2M

Chicago, IL 60605

  • Who should checks be made out to?

Checks should be made out to Special Children's Charities. Use our offline donation form, which includes the name of the Individual Plunger or Team so we can log the donation to the correct page. 

  • Does Special Olympics Chicago issue refunds?

Charitable contributions are non-refundable. Even in the case of a no-show Plunger, all donations are considered charitable contributions, therefore, are also non-refundable.

  • How do I set up a match donation?

Check to see if your company matches gifts to Special Olympics Chicago by reaching out to your Human Resources department. Donate online, by check, or cash and be sure to get tax-deductible receipt as proof of your donation. Obtain a matching gift form from your company’s Human Resources office. Complete the donor and gift information portion of the matching gift form and send it to:

Special Olympics Chicago/Special Children’s Charities
2 E 8 Street

Suite 2M

Chicago, IL 60605

EIN: 23-7026774 OR email


  • Can I cancel my registration for the Chicago Polar Plunge?

Once you have signed up for the Chicago Polar Plunge, you are unable to cancel your registration. We encourage you to continue fundraising for our superstar, Special Olympics Chicago athletes.

  • How do I change my t-shirt size, wave time, and any additional information in my account?

You cannot change your t-shirt size, wave time, team membership, etc. from within your personal account. However, our team is happy to help! Email us at and we can edit the information for you. 

  • How can my friends, family and coworkers support the Chicago Polar Plunge?

There are many different ways to support the Chicago Polar Plunge, benefiting the athletes of Special Olympics Chicago. Create a team, be a corporate sponsor,  and/or promote the Plunge!