Frequently Asked Questions

When is the event?
The event will be held at Eden Prairie Center on January 28th, from 12:30-3:30pm.  

Can I still register? 
Online registration is closed. In-person registration can be done at the event.

How will the event work? 
Our Dance Marathon will feature both DAC and Guest Instructors, leading group dance sessions throughout the day.  All interactive dance sessions will be appropriate for all ages and skill levels.  In addition each team will perform one of their team dances, during their assigned session!

Once again Tom Butler, from Fox 9 Morning Show will help emcee our event, which will include camper interviews and special performances & appearances, including our very own DAC Dads!


12:30-12:45 - Session 1 w/ Brittani (Britney Spears Jam)
12:45-1:00 - Sr Hip Hop, Crash 2, Tap Force, Interview
1:00-1:15 - Session 2 w/Pam and Mollie (Jazz Funk)
1:15-1:30 - Junior Jazz, Rising Star Lyrical, Starfire Jazz, Interview
1:30-1:45 - Session 3 w/Matt (Musical Theatre)
1:45-2:00 - Star Tap, Momentum Jazz, Legacy tap, Interview
2:00-2:15 - Session 4 w/Julia (Salsa)
2:15-2:30 - Sugar Baby tap, Xtreme Ballet, Starburst Jazz, Interview
2:30-2:45 - Session 6 w/Laura (Disco Hustle)
2:45-3:00 - Broadway Baby Jazz, Super Star Lyrical, Capernaum Dancers, Interview
3:00-3:15 - Session 7 w/Jenn, Jess and Taylor (Dance Party)
3:15-3:30- Sparkle Jazz, Dads dance, Grand Total/Drawings and Awards

Will Dads and Daughters be participating?
Our DAC Dads (without daughters) will be performing a section of their dance at 3:15.  All dads should register their participation with their dancer, as a family.  With your registration you will receive a t-shirt that you will be wearing for your performance.  Please arrive at 2:45pm to check in!

What to bring?
We ask that all coats and personal belongings be left in the Community Room.  Bring your jazz shoes & appropriate shoe for your performance… and don’t forget your SMILE!

What NOT to bring?
Cell phones, Purses and other valuables.  Please do not leave any valuables in the Community Room.

What to wear?
NEW THIS YEAR:  Dancers will wear their required classroom attire (black leotard & tights – pink or black depending on your team), Dance with Courage t-shirt jazz shoes, hair in team bun & light make up.

Dancers will not be changing for their performance.   

Can friends & family participate?
Yes!  We encourage our dancers to invite a friend to register for the event, and join the fun!  Have them register under your name on January 13th to receive their official Dance with Courage t-shirt.  DAC Dancers will receive any guests t-shirts during class to distribute to registered guests.

Will Dancers be able to take a break or shop during the Dance Marathon?
No, the shopping will need to wait for another day.  In order to create a safe and organized event, all participants will be required to check in at their assigned time.  If dancers need to leave the dance area to use the restroom, dancers will need to be escorted by one of our parent volunteers.  Dancers must stay inside the stanchioned dance area during the event, and may take breaks along the sides. 

*Parents - Feel free to shop or enjoy lunch while your dancers participate in the event!*

Will there be chairs available to sit and watch?
Limited seating will be available for campers and people with special needs. There will be plenty of standing room around the dance floor and upper balcony. 

How do I help?
We LOVE our DAC Volunteers!  In order to make this event a success we are asking for several volunteers to help chaperone, secure our private changing space and set up/clean up.  Please sign up:

How can I get my name on the official Dance with Courage T-shirt?
Every DAC family who raises $150 by January 13st will have their name added to our t-shirt!

How do I become a Corporate Sponsor?
We have 2 levels of sponsorship available:  TRUE FRIENDS PLATINUM SPONSOR LEVEL - $500 & TRUE FRIENDS GOLD SPONSOR LEVEL -$250.  For more information please contact:

How to Register: Individual fundraising from December 22  -- January 13th at midnight!

  1. Go to the website: (it’ll also appear as the website:
  2. Click “Register” (located either on the menu bar on the top of the page or as a button on the very bottom of the page)
  3. Click the box “Register as a fundraising participant” and enter email address
    • Note: Each participant needs an email address to register. This email address will serve as that participant/dancer’s user name to log into their account and make their page personalized.
  4. Click “Create Account” button
    • You can log in via Facebook or Google, or just fill in your name and create a password
  5. Select your Competition team
  6. Answering the mandatory question, “If you’re a friend or dancing dad registering to dance with a DAC dancer please type that dancer’s name here. If not applicable to you just type N/A. Thanks!”…
    • Like it states, if you’re a friend of a DAC dancer or Dancing Dad, please write in the name of your dancer that you are dancing with. If you’re a DAC dancer registering, this wouldn’t apply to you so write: N/A.
    • Note: This is to better keep track of friends dancing and to make sure that dancer receives their credit for their friend’s $15 registration and any fundraising their friend does. On the administrative end, Brooke will set it up so that your friends or dad’s donations will reflect on your thermometer.
  7. Fill in your personal info (contact info), fundraising goal, optional donation (in case you’d like to make a donation on top of your $15 registration fee), select your t-shirt size and agree to the waiver. Then click “continue.”
  8. Fill in your payment info and click “Complete Registration
  9. You will receive an emailed receipt with your login and tax-deductible receipt portion on the bottom to keep


Steps to Log-In and
Personalize and Share your Fundraising Page


  1. To login… go to the very top right corner of the website click “Log In or Sign Up” (located above “About Us”) enter your email address and password
  2. You will now see your “My Fundraising Dashboard.” This is where you can customize your fundraising page, load a personal photo (avatar is what the site calls your profile photo), send emails out, and even share on Facebook!
  3. To log out… hover over your name in the very top right of the webpage and click “log out.”


If you have any questions about registering or logging in please contact Brooke Jensen at*


For more information, follow us!

Facebook:  Dance With Courage
Instagram:  dancewcourage
Twitter:  @dancewcourage

Battle of the Pigs:
This year each competition team is in a battle against each other! Your online donations will count towards both your individual fundraising total and also your team’s total! We will be combing both the piggy money and your online donations. Which team will be victorious?! The top 3 teams will receive a prize.

Prizes are:

  1. DAC Dance Blitz- complete with an evening full of food, games, photo shoot, fun and private master class (April 21st, 2018)
  2. Team Pizza Party – During Class
  3. Cupcake Social – During Class

How does the DAC Courage Raffle work?

  • For every $10 raised, your dancer/family will receive 1 TICKET!  Registrations under you/your family will credit to you, so invite your friends to register for the event and donate to support you!
  • Dancers get to place their tickets into the drawing of their choice! 
  • Families will receive an envelope with your families’ tickets at registration.  It will be your discretion to divide tickets and prizes accordingly.  
  • Examples of Courage Raffle items: Sewing Lesson with for you and a friend, with Miss Laura, Teacher for the Day, Tea & Stories with Miss Julia, and many more! 

**Raise $150 or more by February 13st and get your family name on our 2018 DANCE WITH COURAGE T-SHIRT!**