Important Note: The contest winners are based off averages (considering some dance teams are larger in size than others). See averages below the leaderboard list. Updated weekly.

Competition Team Leaderboard

First Place


Legacy Team

Second Place


Starfire Team

Third Place


Momentum Team

Fourth Place


Sugar Baby Team

Fifth Place


Star Team


Starlight Team


Starburst Team


Sparkle Team


Xcel Team


Star Baby Team


Xtreme Team


DWC Supporters

The 4 prizes for DWC 2020 are...


First Bonus Prize - Fox promo video- for the highest team total by dancer (averages) on January 11th 

1st place - DAC Dance Blitz- complete with an evening full of food, games, photo shoot, fun and a private master class (April 11, 2020)

2nd place - Team Pizza Party- during class

3rd place - Team Cupcake social- during class


Good luck and happy fundraising for all our DAC teams! 

Averages Leaders (FINAL)

Winning teams are based off averages according to the number of dancers in the class. 
Average Amount Raised through Sunday, January 26, 2020 10:00a.m..