Join us in our 25th year and hike in support of Zero Breast Cancer's mission to promote breast cancer risk reduction through translation of scientific research and evidence-based recommendations that support health and wellness at key stages of life. 





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About Us

At Zero Breast Cancer, we focus on modifiable risk factors—things that we can change—either individually or within our community. We recognize that social and economic conditions impact our ability to live in healthy places and pursue healthy behaviors. While many disparities are systemic, through education and empowerment we can increase our resilience and change our environments to improve the health of all.

COVID-19 Safety

We are committed to making Dipsea 2021 safe for all of us! It is a fully outdoor event and will have fewer attendees than in previous years. Staff and volunteers will wear masks while helping people register, check-in after the hike, serving food, etc. Before the event, check out the Marin County recommendations for staying safe. We ask that you: 

  • Not attend the hike if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Bring your masks! Please wear a face mask while in the park if you are closer than 6 feet to others outside your household.
  • Use the hand sanitizer we will have available in the park and at the aid station. 
  • Follow directions for staggered start times. 
  • Decide with your team whether to wear masks during the hike. Please wear masks if anyone in your group feels more comfortable wearing one.
  • Allow as much space as possible when passing or being passed on the trail. 

If you have any questions about safety, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at


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30 North San Pedro Rd, Ste 140
San Rafael, CA 94903