How will your donations and fundraising make an impact?

You will help spread the latest and greatest ideas for reducing breast cancer risk to kidsteenssurvivors and everyone. We focus on reaching underserved communities and all materials are provided for FREE. Check out for our latest multimedia and multilingual campaigns! 

Survivors Program Spotlight

Working with researchers and members of the Kaiser Permanente's Pathways Study of Breast Cancer Survivorship, we are creating a series of articles to address issues facing survivors. Topics are selected based on priorities diverse women in Northern California who were diagnosed with breast cancer that we surveyed. The first two articles are available in English and Spanish on the ZBC website: Memory and Thinking Problems after Breast Cancer/Problemas de memoria y pensamiento después del cáncer de seno and What is Breast Cancer-Related Neuropathy?/¿Qué es la neuropatía relacionada con el cáncer del seno? They will also be adapted to help more people who have had breast cancer, as well as those who love and care for them. Your fundraising will expand the reach of this program!

Kids Program Spotlight

We’re creating new materials for kids! In addition to Girls’ New Puberty and Las niñas y la nueva pubertad resources for parents/caregivers, we are developing health-promoting activities to reduce lifetime risk of breast cancer. In 2020, we started with the Healthy Activity Booklet: Being Healthy is About Feeling Our Best and Folleto de actividades saludables: ¡Ser saludable se trata de sentirse lo mejor posible! for kids ages 5+. Your fundraising will get these to more kids and expand our program!