Hike in support of Zero Breast Cancer's mission to promote breast cancer risk reduction through translation of scientific research and evidence-based recommendations that support health and wellness at key stages of life.

Location and Hike Route

For 18 years, up to 250 people get together each year to hike up and down the hills of Mount Tamalpais in Mill Valley, California to celebrate the lives of Annie Fox, the founders of ZBC, and those they love. Click here to see the hike route map.

Start and Finish in Old Mill Park, Mill Valley, CA:

From Old Mill Park (Cascade Dr) go up the famous Dipsea Steps to the Dipsea Trail.

Cross Panoramic Hwy and follow the Sun Trail to the German Tourist Clubtake the Redwood Trail to the Panoramic Trail until you reach the Mt. Home Inn on Edgewood Ave. by crossing back over Panoramic Hwy.

Continue down Edgewood Ave to take the PIPELINE TRAIL leading you back down the Dipsea Steps where you will finish in Old Mill Park. (approx 5.35 mi - see map)

NOTE: Along the course you will encounter rocky dirt trails and residential areas. Please be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to cars, bicyclists and other hikers.