2023 TCS New York City Marathon

Kevin Hobson

November 5, 2023 6:00am - 1:00pm

For Jack

My first child Jack died of Transposition of the Great Arteries in October 2021. I thought that the 29 days we spent with Jack as he fought to survive would be the hardest of my life, but I was naive. The pain of the loss is still intense. The grief comes in waves and sometimes out of nowhere.

I joined a company called Pomelo Care shortly after Jack's death. We're trying to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes by offering 24/7 telehealth support to people who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or have a child under the age of one. I'm trying to channel my grief towards something productive to keep other families out of the NICU -- the same reason I'm running this race.














My Supporters

  • Travis Fitch November 2023 $51.50
  • Angela/Tammy Chuang/Kreznar ❤️ November 2023 $103.00
  • phyllis woo ❤️ November 2023 $100.00
  • Christopher Bogart Go Kevin! David and I wish you great luck November 2023 $103.00
  • Pomelo Care Kev, Good luck this weekend! We are fighting for you and Jack every day as we work to support families. We're lucky to have you. Love, Your Pomelo Family November 2023
  • The Reids We love you Jack. Let it rip Kev, you got this. July 2023 $500.00
  • Natalie McIntyre September 2023 $250.00
  • Benjamin Berman September 2023 $250.00
  • Anonymous Proud of you. Get it. July 2023 $250.00
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