Frequently Asked Questions

Donation Questions

1. Where do I mail my check donation?

True Friends
10509 108th St NW
Annandale, MN 55302

Checks should be written out to: True Friends.

2. What does my donation help?

Your donation to True Friends helps support critical program and infrastructure to help the children and adults with disabilities True Friends serves.

3. Who can I contact with questions or ideas?

You can contact Brooke at 952.697.2293 or

4. Our Chapter doesn't hold a corn drive, is there a different type of activity we can do instead?

Yes, there are a variety of fundraising activities that don't involve corn or crops. Some FFA Chapters host a pancake breakfast, fundraising dinner, dessert auction, scrap metal drive, battery drive, and fruit or flower sales.

After registering, you can customize your FFA Chapter's webpage to list information about your fundraising activity to easily share with community members, businesses, friends, and family. 

5. Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes, your donations made directly to True Friends from a check or through this website are 100% tax-deductible. True Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. IRS EIN: 41-1543013. When you make an online donation to True Friends through this website, you will receive an immediate thank you and receipt emailed to you. 

6. What is True Friends relationship to Courage Center and Camp Courage?

As of 2012, Camp Courage and Camp Courage North are no longer part of Courage Center but are instead part of the nonprofit organization True Friends

True Friends is the nonprofit organization that owns and operates Camp Courage, Camp Courage North, Camp Friendship, and Camp Eden Wood. True Friends provides a variety of programs for children and adults with disabilities. Courage Center owned and operated Camp Courage and Camp Courage North for about 57 years. in 2012 Courage Center merged with Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, now called Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

The Courage Camps were acquired by the nonprofit organization Friendship Ventures. At the time Friendship Ventures owned and operated two camp locations serving individuals with disabilities (Camp Friendship and Camp Eden Wood) so the acquisition of the Courage Camps was a natural fit. After the acquisition of the Courage Camps by Friendship Ventures, the organization changed its name to True Friends.

How to Win a pizza party or a $100 Visa gift card

7. What is the "High 5 Challenge" and how does my FFA Chapter win a pizza party?

The "High 5 Challenge" is a challenge to each FFA Chapter to donate 5% or more of their most recent gift given to True Friends. For example, if an FFA Chapter's most recent gift from 2016 was $1,000, then in order to complete the "High 5 Challenge," they will need to raise $1,050 (or more), since $50 is 5% of $1,000.

All FFA Chapters who complete the "High 5 Challenge" are placed in a drawing to win a chapter pizza party. The winner is announced at the MN FFA State Convention. 

*Note: both checks and online donations count towards the FFA Chapter's total raised and towards completing the "High 5 Challenge." 

8. How can my FFA Chapter win the $100 Visa gift card prize?

The FFA Chapter who raises the most money online will win the $100 Visa gift card. The deadline is March 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. The winner is announced at the MN FFA State Convention. 

Only online donations made through this website count towards this contest, checks entered online will not count towards this contest. 

9. Can checks that are written out to True Friends and mailed to True Friends be recorded on this website so our FFA Chapter is given credit for that donation?

Of course! We can easily add offline donations such as checks into your FFA Chapter's webpage, which would give your chapter credit for that donation. Just be sure the check clearly states which FFA Chapter they were donating in honor of.

10. What donations count towards which prize?

Both online donations and check donations count towards completing the "High Five Challenge," and being entered in the drawing for the pizza party

ONLY online donations made to your FFA Chapter's webpage count towards winning the $100 Visa gift card for your FFA Chapter. Checks entered online do not count towards this $100 Visa prize. 

11. Can an FFA Chapter win both prizes?

Yes, it is possible for an FFA Chapter to win both the pizza party and $100 Visa gift card. 

Also, an FFA Chapter that won a pizza party in a previous year, can win again if they've completed the "High 5 Challenge" and their name was drawn. 

12. When will the winners be announced?

The winning FFA Chapters will be announced at the MN FFA State Convention in April of 2021. 

How to Register and Customize Your FFA Chapter's Webpage

13. Who should register?

We highly encourage your FFA Advisor or an active FFA Officer or member to register. That way they will have access to customize the webpage and share with other FFA members, businesses, friends, and family.

14. How do I register on this website?

Click the "Register" tab or the "Register" button on the bottom of this page and follow the prompts. Search for the FFA Chapter you are an advisor or member of. If you do not see your FFA Chapter, please email

For complete instructions click this PDF link called "How to Register & Customize."

15. How do I customize my FFA Chapter's webpage?

You need an FFA Advisor or FFA Member to register on the website first.

That FFA member will then be assigned as a "captain" for that FFA Chapter's webpage. There can be a delay from registering and being assigned "captain." You will receive an email confirming you have been assigned "captain." As a captain, you can customize the FFA Chapter's webpage with images, text, etc. You can then share your FFA Chapter's URL with businesses, friends, family, etc.

For complete steps and screen shots of how to customize click this PDF link called "How to Register & Customize."

Further Questions?

Contact Brooke at or 952.697.2293. 

If common questions develop, we will add them to this FAQ page. FAQ last updated 9.28.2020.