Steps to Register & Customize your FFA Chapter's Webpage

1. Click the "Register" button.

2. Enter your email address and create a password.

3. When prompted, click "Join an FFA Chapter" and select the FFA Chapter you are an Advisor or member of. 

4. Follow the steps until you can click the "Submit" button. 

5. To customize your FFA Chapter's webpage, I need to manually promote you as "captain." Once I have, you will be notified via email confirming you're a captain and can now login to this website to customize your FFA Chapter's webpage. (Note: there can be more than one captain, let me know if you'd like there to be more than one person able to edit your FFA Chapter's page). 

For detailed instructions on how to register check out this helpful PDF instructions on how to register and customize. 

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    Click the "Register" button below

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    Click "Join an FFA Chapter" button

    Join an FFA Chapter
    FFA Chapter Information
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    Select a Category

    There are no available categories based on your selections. Please change your selections or contact your event administrator for more information.
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