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My first diagnosis was during my senior year of high school & the day after my 18th birthday on March 15th, 2016. I was diagnosed with stage 3, and had one ovary removed. 

I was in remission for almost 2 years when complications started to arise again. In December of 2017, I had my second and final ovary removed and all of the hundrends of mini tumors burned off layer by layer. It wasn't until January 3rd of 2018 when I was told I was to begin chemo. I was truly devestated because I had to put off college while I was trying to work towards my nursing degree, I would lose all my hair, and I believed that maybe the chemo wouldn't work and these were my last few months to live. I was scared of it all, but took on the challenge anyway. My first chemo went by smoothly with nothing but some joint pains and fatigue afterwards. After my second chemo, I found out I was allergic to Taxol (Crazy right?) and my doctors ordered a new medication while I broke out into an all-body rash. After 6 long months of fighting, my battle was done, my levels we're down and I was free of this horrible disease. 

It is now a year later. Still in remission. Still cancer free. Im back in school, nursing school that is, and I'm working on my RN/BSN to hopefully work in gynecologic oncology one day.

~ I walk for those who cannot and those who have lost their battle. ~





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