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 hi there my name is Julie and I am a ovarian cancer survivor and I would like you to walk with me on the race on October 13th 2019 it would be wonderful to see friends and family in support of ovarian cancer they need to find a cure I have been in remission 7 months now and I take day by day there's never no guarantee and it was the hardest fight of my life. And I will CONTINUE  to fight and never take life for granted. It all started in NOVEMBER 22, 2017 when I was told I had stage 3c Grandulosa cell tumor or CARCINOMA GCT.  Had surgery on DECEMBER 7, 2017 and started CHEMOTHERAPY  on DECEMBER 26,2017. Went 5 days straight 4 to 5 hours a day 3 different chemos a day 2nd week Monday chemo 4 days of shots for INFECTION 3rd week chemo Monday. 4th week start over again 5 days straight.  Did that 3 times33 days within48 days. Ended up in the ICU but it didn't get me because GODS NOT DONE WITH ME YET. And I want to help find a cure and research for this silent killer of a cancer . So please if you don't have any plans on October 13 please walk with me. It will be a WONDERFUL DAY.  GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. 

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