Creating Your Fundraiser

Your Fundraising Page is how YOU raise, YOUR way! You can register as an Individual Fundraiser, Create a Team, or Join an Existing Team.

When you set up your Fundraising Page, you can completely customize it for your purposes. You can share your page with coworkers, family, and friends, that way ANYONE, ANYWHERE can help solve hunger!

All registered Fundraisers can use their Personal Fundraising Dashboard to customize their profiles, send e-mails to donors or team members, and track all of their received donations. When you log in as a returning user, you can access these tools to maximize your fundraiser's impact!

After you've finished setting up your Fundraising Page, see our Resources (below) for easy ways to spread the news about your fundraiser. 

At the end of the fundraiser, make sure to share and celebrate your efforts! Taking pictures and sending updates is a great way to spread the good cheer. If you are looking for more Food Bank information to share, check out our Learn More & Resources page for great tidbits. 

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