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Protect the Future Voices of Tomorrow

Flatten the Curve of Child Abuse & Neglect

With schools closed and parents struggling to make ends meet, children are at a greater risk for abuse and neglect than ever. 

Stress is at an all-time high and our ability to cope is being put to the test. Sadly, at the cost of the youngest members of our community.

A CASA is a child’s best opportunity for stability and resiliency.

We must have enough volunteers for every child. Following COVID-19— we know the volume and need will be significant.  

Put simply, we can’t prepare for the surge of children who will enter the system without your support. 

Now is the time to prepare, not just for the urgency of today’s pandemic, but for the future crisis that is sure to come without warning. Your donation is needed now more than ever. 

We need your financial support to:

  1. Recruit more CASA volunteers
  2. Arm advocates and volunteers with support resources
  3. Provide children technology to see their parents, CASA's and have virtual court visits

Every child needs a caring adult, adequate resources and a proper education so they can thrive.  

The need is now and the solution is your support.   

Join us today to protect the Future Voices of tomorrow.