Gather Around the Table

Nora Farrell

May 25, 2020 - June 30, 2020


COVID 19 has dramatically changed all of our lives.  Our ministry has seen the distribution of food increase four fold since February.  And the numbers continue to climb each week.

Our ministry is now distributing over 20,000 pounds of fresh produce each month, filling empty shelves at food pantries and feeding over 600 families through our FoodShare program.  

With your help, we can continue to keep up with our mission to provide fresh, nutritious food to as many hungry and food insecure people as possible.  We are raising $25,000 to make that happen.  Please help with a financial gift today.  





Dear Friends,

As you know, many in our community struggle with hunger and food insecurity.  There are a lot of complicated problems out there, but this one is simple.  Families need to put food on their table to be healthy.  Because of this crisis, I am supporting the ministry Ruth's Gleanings.  I know the tremendous impact they are having in the battle on hunger and food insecurity, and more specifically how they address nutritional poverty with fresh, healthy food.

I am personally asking you to donate to help feed vulnerable families in the Spartanburg area. My goal is to raise $2,500 to allow Ruth's Gleaning's to outfit their food transport trailer with refridgeration to keep the food fresh.  This will allow distribution to more in the community. Just click on the link below to make a gift.  

Gather at our table to help combat hunger and food insecurity!!








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