#GivingTuesday 2021

TODAY, you could change everything for a family with a sick or injured child!

When a child is sick or injured, the whole family is affected.  David and Hannah not only had DOUBLE THE IMPACT with their twin boys, but had to stay at the Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House twice within the first year of their sons’ lives.

The Hall family is from Cookeville, Tenn., which is almost a two hour drive to Chattanooga! Their first stay they were able to stay close to their preemie twins for 50 nights. When their boys contracted RSV and were admitted to the hospital to be placed on ventilators, they stayed close for 30 nights.

What helped the Hall family?

  • Not having a two-hour drive or costly hotel stay.
  • They were close for moments when their baby boys were struggling to hold on.
  • The House was a home for the Hall family and a very difficult situation was made easier by having a “home away from home”.
  • To go take a nap while their parents stayed in the PICU with the boys.
  • “We actually had a bed with pillows and a shower, snacks and things like that.”
  • Homemade meals to come “home” to.

You have one chance to be part of this special day. Please give now, and help make sure a child in critical condition has what they need most: hugs, kisses and love from their parents.

Help double the impact! M&M Industries is matching up to $10,000 this #GivingTuesday!  Your gift will help twice as many families.

This GivingTuesday – keep families together. Make sure a sick child doesn’t have to receive treatment without their loved ones by their bedside. Our families are grateful for your giving heart!

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