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Good Trouble

‘Good Trouble’ was started as a sub-committee of the Dietrich School student ambassador recruitment team, with the purpose of drawing attention to and educating one another about issues regarding social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. Comprised of nine student ambassadors, the committee has planned to implement initiatives that serve the Greater Pittsburgh community as well as ensure that the organizational culture of our team is reflective of our mission. As one of our first initiatives, we are conducting a Covid Relief Drive on behalf of the ambassador team in order to aid those who have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19. In Allegheny County, African Americans made up 26% of total cases, 32% of hospitalizations, 31% of ICU admissions, and 20% of deaths while only accounting for 13% of the population.

The proceeds from the Covid Relief Drive will be donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. This will ensure that the items purchased will be accessed by families in need.  We will be collecting monetary donations starting in the Spring semester. Our goal is to raise 500 dollars using social media, our ambassador team, and the University of Pittsburgh community. Keep an eye out for more updates and information on how to donate in February! 

Food Podcast: Pitt student group Good Trouble works to make connections in the city’s communities of color

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Bridget, a student and a bar manager, was laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’m laid off and I’m actually a student. I’m trying to graduate. I graduate in two weeks and my school is actually the one that told me about this [distribution].” Providing for her daughter and herself is challenging when there is no work, but she is grateful that the drive-up distributions are able to provide a little extra assistance. “It’s to help my daughter and I. It means a lot. We need it to survive and I’m the full-time employee…I support both of us.”

Stories of how your donation will make an impact in the lives of your neighbors experiencing hunger:

Large Scale Distribution April, 2020

Curtis and Audrey are doing their best to make ends meet, but the COVID-19 pandemic is making that a challenge. While Audrey waited for her disability to come through, Curtis had been working at a hotel and a local restaurant, but is furloughed from both right now. “I’ve been not working for about a year and a half now waiting for disability and he’s been furloughed from his job since March. Anything we can do to get a little help, we’re very appreciative of it.” Audrey has growing concerns about the virus, but is thankful for the help they were able to receive through the drive-up distribution.