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Lunches for all the First Graders in Bois Negresse, Haiti!

Can you imagine an American school without a lunch program? Some kids would bring a sandwich, carrot sticks and a juice box; some would have a granola bar; some might ask a friend to share. In Bois Negresse, Haiti, none would have lunch. But we can change that!

Please donate to our team or join our team to help pack on October 15!

Our Team

  • BD Bob DuBose Team Captain $52.45
  • RB Roger Barnes
  • CO Carolyn Ostby
  • PR Paul Reichert
  • WM William Macbride
  • NM Nancy Macbride
  • DC Dave Crawford
  • BD Bob DuBose
  • LM Lindsay Metcalf
  • HH Holly Hunts
  • RM Robb Miller
  • TT Terry Thompson





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