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At dinner on the first night in Baltimore, I sat with a woman named Jane*. She opened up about her parents never really passing on the faith to her or her siblings. She fell away from the church for a time, and her siblings all fell away as well. One of her brothers died of cancer, but in his last weeks of life, he returned to Jesus and the sacraments. The next night, I briefly saw her, and she asked me to pray for her son, Dan*. She so badly wanted him to come to the family parish mission, but she couldn’t get him to come. I didn’t interact with her again until the final night at adoration. She came forward and knelt in front of the Eucharist. I didn’t really recognize her - only enough to know I had seen her before. I knelt beside her and offered to pray with her. She was already in tears and accepted my offer. I asked her name and everything came flooding back once I heard “Jane”. I poured out my heart praying for her and for Dan. Once I finished, she turned and did something I never expected; she poured out her heart into a prayer for me. Kneeling before the Eucharist she held my hand and prayed, begging God’s graces on me and the ministry.

This is why I do what I do. This is why I love being a missionary. The power of God is so tangible and how He uses a broken instrument like me to impact others. I would be more than honored if you decided to support me as I continue my time with this ministry. Please prayerfully consider doing so.

God Bless, and remember you're amazing!

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals forementioned.





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