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Ever since I was little, my family taught me the importance of strong values and the pillars of Catholicism, and before going off into the unknown that God has to offer, I thought it best to make God and community of the absolute highest importance to me before I go. We have a war going on between our culture and Catholic values. It's a war between the true goodness of Catholic values and what the world thinks they are, one of perception versus reality. Hard as Nails focuses on being authentic, being real, and being fun and engaging. If I can have the chance to break down the "Kumbaya," "holier-than-thou," and "stoic seriousnessness" perceptions that people have about being Catholic, I'll take the best chance I can get. Because in my opinion, this approach is one of few things keeping our nation from falling farther than it has. The complete focus on race, sex, and economic status over the last decade has done nothing but divide us as people, when what we need to focus on is the only thing we really have in common--our humanity. Black or white, male or female, rich or poor, the only thing we all can agree on is that we're all human, and it's a hard life for all of us. Thanks Satan. Hard as Nails has been a stark reminder to me that we need to aleviate the suffering of all humans, not just the black, white, rich or poor, and that starts with the common trait of humanity. Since we all fall short of God's glory, we should be focusing on how we can raise every ship, not just the ones who agree with us. I hope you find this message as loving and accepting as I do, I believe so strongly in HAN because of it.

Here's the part where I ask for support--because I can't get through the next year for free, and I want you to be a part of the community I'm going to build. My goal is $10,000, but ultimately, the money isn't the reason I do this. I don't make a dollar off of this, it all goes directly to Hard As Nails. The main reason I'm pursuing this is because I want to build a stronger relationship with people, one that is centered around Christ. By leaving your name and information, I'm able to get into contact with you in the future and start to strengthen that relationship.

If I could ask one thing of you, even if you choose not to donate, that would be to pray for anyone and everyone that I and my fellow missionaries might come into contact with in the next year, yourself and family included if you choose to leave your information. Prayer is the way we keep ourselves centered on Christ, and centered on the things that matter the most. And, sharing this with others that you know wouldn't hurt either :D

In whatever you choose, I wish you the best. May God bless you, and never forget: Jesus Christ is hard as nails!





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