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Jesus Take the Wheel. 

This was my mentality this past year as a missionary with Hard as Nails. After graduating from high school in the midst of covid, I went into mission work not knowing what exactly Christ was calling me to indefinitely, but willing to take that leap of faith. I got to encounter so many people who were struggling and share with them the hope of Christ, along with the message that they are amazing. They are amazing not because of anything they have done or said, but because they are God’s kids. And God doesn’t make trash. 

Now more than ever, people in this world are suffering and need a sense of community. They need someone to look them in their eyes and let them know they are not alone in their suffering. Something I love about HN is that they provide people with an opportunity to have an encounter with Christ, but also follow up with them through discipleship calls, passion groups, and other tangible means of walking with them. Our vision is to make a world where no one suffers alone, and we strive to make this a reality through our core virtues of courage, authenticity, and obedience. I was blessed to be on this journey last year, but I know my service is not yet complete.

I am very blessed to announce that I will be coming back as a second-year missionary this fall! This past January I was in a sledding accident. For a while, I was unsure if I could come back to mission work due to a major injury. But, by the grace of God, healing has been taking place and I am set to be back in action! 

Because I am weak and will ultimately crash if I try to accomplish this by my own power, I would like to ask for you to accompany me on this journey! Please please please keep me in your prayers, along with this ministry! Seriously, your prayers have more power than you know. I would also like to ask for your support in donating to my mission fund! These donations cover travel, housing, mission/training materials, vehicle maintenance, and other expenses that keep this mission up and running. Whether you donate $5 or $500, know that you are making a difference and that I am so so grateful for you! 

I really appreciate your part in this exciting mission to awaken the world to the power of God’s love! Know that you are all in my prayers. If you have specific intentions that I can pray for during my mission year, don’t hesitate to reach out!





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