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Healing in Public (HIP) is a mental health and crisis recovery initiative to create safe spaces for everyone to be radically honest, transparent, and vulnerable without shame. With over two years of surviving the pandemic, our minds, body, and energy are depleted, and the level of uncertainty on how we move forward is profound.

Whether experiencing challenges internally or externally, healing in public is a call for grace for everyone to unmask in the open. Our brains were not made to endure this stress level; It is giving yourself permission to feel your feelings, connect with your friends and give yourself grace during this time.

Contributions such as yours help Silence the Shame address mental health issues in our country. With your support and that of our community Silence the Shame will strive to be a world leader on erasing the stigma and educating communities on mental wellness through community conversations, compelling content, and outreach programs.  

$10/ month supports Community health resources

$15/month supports a Self-Care Saturday event

$25/month supports a Community Conversation

$50/month supports a Youth Mental Wellness Clinic

$100/month supports a Mental Wellness Training 

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