Heart of Gold Awards Celebration

6:00 - 7:30 PM

An evening to honor our Vincentian Society members and those who exemplify the true meaning of philanthropy, while making a significant contribution to the growth of our mission. 

FREE - Virtual Attendee

$150 - VIP Virtual Attendees get a unique Made in Pittsburgh VIP bag containing items from local businesses hard-hit by the pandemic; including a $50 gift card to LeMont Restaurant. All VIP attendees must be registered by February 22 to receive their VIP bag in the mail.

2020 Vincentian Society Members (individual person/household) who have donated $1,000 or more over the course of the year will receive two complimentary VIP tickets.

Can't attend? Support an honoree by making a donation in their name or purchase a personalized congratulatory message ($100) to be featured in a virtual program book. Congratulatory messages are due by February 22.

2021 Heart of Gold Honorees Named

All honorees will be recognized at this year’s Heart of Gold Awards Celebration – a virtual event broadcast live from LeMont Restaurant hosted by Vincentian friend, Steve Blass and includes entertainment and music by Scott Blasey. 

Join us in congratulating this year’s honorees who will be introduced at the event by last year’s honorees:

Heart of Gold Award is being presented this year to our Vincentian CAREGIVERS, for inspiring excellence in caregiving and demonstrating a commitment to the health and happiness of those adults and children served by Vincentian - going above and beyond expectations or exceeding regular staff duties at a time of a national crisis.

Heart of Charity Award is being presented to HIGHMARK whose generosity to the Vincentian community fosters a spirit of service, sustains a mission of compassionate care, and makes the best of life possible for others. This commitment has allowed Vincentian to bring about the highest level of positive change to those we serve.

Heart of Pittsburgh Award is being presented to the NOTRE DAME CLUB OF PITTSBURGH for demonstrating the Vincentian values of spirituality, compassion, dignity, quality, stewardship, advocacy, collaboration, and innovation – throughout their work and influence in the Pittsburgh community, and in time and service to Vincentian.

Heart of Vincentian Award is being presented to SR. LORRAINE MARIE FERLIN, who has opened the hearts of others to the Vincentian mission. As an active member of the Vincentian Society, this year’s awardee has proven to be a strong advocate and supporter of Vincentian and helped the organization to expand its outreach to new donors and partners.


Live event starts at 6:00 PM Saturday, March 6

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