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Count for a Cause April 27 - 28!

Whether you live in the woods or in the city, nature is all around us! Join us on April 27 – 28 to count for a cause and celebrate Earth Day 2024 by getting outdoors and counting as many plants and animals as you can, share what you find, and raise money to support education for a healthy planet!

Whether you are a lifelong naturalist or simply want to appreciate and count the species in your neighborhood, Flora & Faunathon is for you! Enjoy a beautiful weekend outside exploring nature. From noticing the trees and squirrels in your neighborhood, to finding rare species of birds (this will be nearly the peak for bird migration) or woodland flowers on a local hiking trail (some spring ephemerals will still be out) enjoy getting out and finding nature all around us.

If you like, you can even compete for prizes. Can you find the most bird species? Or raise the most money? Take the coolest picture?

Explore your neighborhood, your backyard, nearby hiking trails, or a city park. Go alone or go with friends! It’s the perfect family activity. Get your networks to sponsor your explorations and help support the Hitchcock Center’s work developing hopeful, creative problem solvers who can take on the challenges of climate change.

Raise money to support the Hitchcock Center’s mission to educate and to inspire action for a healthy planet. Hitchcock Center staff can help you set up a peer-to-peer fundraising page – you can send a link to your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors through an email or social media post

Check out our Toolkit if you need help setting up your page or need ideas for your goals and fundraising.