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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, what if home isn't the safest option? For many victims of relationship violence, this is a reality. 

During times of crisis, relationship violence rises and victims are even more vulnerable. In conjunction, our unique stay-at-home mandate, makes it even more difficult for victims to reach out for help. During this global pandemic, we have more of a responsibility now than ever to reach out to those who may need our help.

We invite you to help us Keep Our Neighbors Safe at Home!

To continue to provide these vital services to the growing number of victims in need, our Board of Directors has launched a “Keep our Neighbors Safe at Home” Fund. Help us raise $250,000 to help us continue to Keep Our Neighbors Safe at Home during this difficult time. 

Ashley is just one example of a neighbor that you have helped.  

Just a few days after the COVID-19 shutdowns began, Ashley knocked on our door. After a fierce argument, Ashley's partner kicked her and her daughter out of the car into the pouring rain and told them that he hoped they would get sick. Fortunately, someone who had witnessed what happened referred Ashley to Human Options. Our doors were open and we were ready to help. We immediately provided Ashley and her daughter resources and continue to support them on their journey of healing. 





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Our Mission 

We ignite social change by educating Orange County to recognize relationship violence as an issue that threatens everyone, advocating for those affected by abuse, extending a safe place for victims and empowering survivors on their journey of healing.

Our Vision  

We are committed to a future in which every person and family in Orange County experiences safe, healthy relationships and lives free of fear.


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