People get better with us!

As a leading provider of mental health and substance abuse services, the Institute for Community Services' frontline staff work 24/7 to address the needs of underserved and homeless youth, adults, and veterans living in the five boroughs of New York City.

Annually, we serve over 10,000 individuals in over 100 locations.

The challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a significant increase in the delivery of services via our Telehealth program.  Continuing to serve the hardest to reach meant sending frontline staff throughout the community to work with clients one-to-one.

Our work is grounded in “whole-person care,” so everyone is treated as a unique individual – not by their diagnosis or symptom – to achieve greater health and well-being.

We also help with food insecurity, housing insecurity, and a host of other barriers to leading the healthiest, self-supporting, and most fulfilling life possible.

We stand by each person every step of their journey, regardless of how difficult it may get.

An innovative leader in the field, ICL was one of only three organizations nationwide to receive the annual SAMHSA’s Excellence in Wellness Award for impacting the health of individuals living with mental illness and substance abuse.

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