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Russ Gamble

February 8, 2020 2:00pm - 4:30pm

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Happy New Year!  Thanks for visiting my Junior Achievement fundraising page.  You obviously wound up here because of your elevated intellect, superior good looks, and good-natured demeanor. 

I am hoping that I can convince you to make a donation for this year’s annual Bowl-A-Thon to raise money for financial literacy, career readiness, and entrepreneurial mentoring in our K-12 classrooms.  Do you remember all of that direct education you received in school teaching you about working to earn money to pay for things?  Personally, I don’t recall receiving any financial education until college.  JA attempts to fill that gap by providing numerous programs to help educate kids towards financial literacy.  JA provides these programs at no cost to schools or students thanks to the generosity of donors, like you.  JA-Rocky Mountain impacts 120,000 students annually and paves the way for young adults to be more self-reliant and better prepared to navigate employment, business ownership, and leadership opportunities. 

Please help by supporting my JA Bowl-A-Thon team.  Click the “Donate Now” button to ensure JA can continue to provide these important educational opportunities.  Any and all donations could lead to spiritual immortality and eternal salvation.  Many thanks!

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