The PLAYERS Lobby Updates

at Nemours Children's Specialty Care, Jacksonville

Updates from the Nemours Team

Lobby Renovation Press Release:

Norah's Story

Norah sees a number of specialists at Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Jacksonville. Our Associates are well acquainted with the vivacious young girl, who is often referred to as a “rock star” at Nemours.

Even with the best multiple-appointment scheduling, Norah and her mom, Megan, are at Nemours 30 times or more a year. “We love Nemours and are glad to be part of it,” says Megan. “But it would be nice if there were more places to sit, with different table heights so children with wheelchairs of all sizes could roll up to them easily. I often don’t think of using the café because it’s tucked away and difficult to get to. It’s the same with the library. There just seems to be a lot of space that could be better utilized. Also, an easier way to walk or sit outside would be fantastic.”

Thank You For Making Our Patients' Dream A Reality

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