The Barefoot for Freedom Bike Ride


36 years ago, at the age 30, Dr. Jeff Brodsky rode a bicycle from Disneyland in Anaheim, CA to the UN Building in New York City, dressed as his character Snuggles the Clown, to raise funds to fight child poverty. 

Over 30 years later, Dr. Brodsky is ready to make the ride again. On April 1, 2020, Dr. Brodsky begins his 2nd cross country bicycle trip from Disneyland in California to Disney World in Florida. This time, he’s doing it barefoot and raising funds to fight child trafficking around the world.


JOY International was founded by Dr. Jeff Brodsky in 1981 in a quest to bring JOY to a broken world. As Dr. Brodsky travelled the world in search of "the least of these", he came to know the horrors of child sex trafficking and dedicated his life to setting these children free. In 2010, Dr. Brodsky made the commitment to walk barefoot in solidarity with impoverished and trafficked children and has not had so much as a sock on his foot since. Dr Brodsky, shares, "If my going barefoot will motivate at least one person to action in a way that will help us rescue even one more child, I'll go barefoot the rest of my life."

JOY International trains global police SWAT teams, airport teams and anti-trafficking task forces to fight chld trafficking on the frontlines.

JOY International also funds rescue operations and partners with approved safe houses around the world to ensure that rescued children, teens and young women receive the healing and support they need to expereince the lives God has for them.

What We're Raising Funds For:

The JOY International Barefoot for Freedom Bike ride is raising funds to further our fight against child trafficking and to specifically assist in funding to new, much needed Safe Houses in Belize and Alaska.






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