“Seeing a New Future”

Kidsave is dedicated to creating change so that every foster child and orphan grows up in a loving family, or with a lasting connection to an adult who provides them what they need for a successful future; attention, love and hope.

Be a part of making their future possible by donating, attending, sponsoring and or spreading the word. Our children thrive when they have people to invest in them. Invest in the future today! 

Gala Committee


Ken Barnard
David Bender
David Boyadzhyan
Beth Dresing
Wren Chais
Aimee Cilic
Chloe Ditzel
Thomas Donohue
Dave Gulezian
James Kilcourse
Marie Manvel
Joni Noel
David Permut
Gerald Porter
Peter Schwartz
Sherry Sweeney
Doug Thomson
Craig Waldman


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