16th Annual Miss LifeWalk Pageant

Become an Ambassador for a North Texas without AIDS

Dust off those heels and freshen up your talent, because this July is YOUR opportunity to be the face, the ambassador, of ending AIDS in North Texas. Become a contestant for the Miss LifeWalk pageant. Your advocacy and fundraising will benefit Prism Health North Texas and your community by using treatment and awareness to end AIDS in North Texas. 

Applications are due by Monday, July 22, 2019.

You may compete whether you are on a LifeWalk team or not. LifeWalk teams are strongly encouraged to nominate a team member as a candidate. If you are on a LifeWalk team, the money your candidate raises will go towards your team’s total in that calendar year.

Attend the Pageant

Every queen needs adoring, dollar bill filled hands. Join the wild crowd in cheering, tipping, and supporting your favorite Miss LifeWalk candidate for the title of Miss LifeWalk 2019. Your winning performer will be your community representative of Prism Health North Texas' efforts to end AIDS in North Texas. Your participation will decide whose face and performance you may see in upcoming regular testing reminders or advocating healthy use of PrEP. So come, have fun, and help your favorite queen win!!