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“He, on more than one occasion, told me how, if he had a million dollars, he would buy a plane, buy a whole bunch of groceries, and fly them all over the world to people who didn’t have enough food.

He experienced living with those in need and longed to do something to help.”

-Bethany Gray
 Eli's Mom, ROH Board Member, 
 & Long Time Friend of ROH

Join us!! #lovelikeEli

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Eli Daniel Gray

April 3rd, 2007 - June 10, 2019

Eli Daniel

Welcome to our Annual #lovelikeEli Feeding Program Fundraiser! 

Eli Daniel Gray is near and dear to us here at ROH. This year on April 3rd would have been Eli's 14th birthday, so we are celebrating and remembering him and his sweet and generous heart all week!!

Eli had a deep love for Honduras and all his friends at Abundant Life Institute that he made during the Gray's family trips to La Mosquitia. 

He was especially passionate about feeding the hungry, which is why we want to continue honoring his legacy and heart with 100% of Love Like Eli funds going straight to our Feeding Program.

Thank you for celebrating and remembering Eli's life and heart with us this week. 

A look into our Feeding Program