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Light Up Leader Dog Donors

  • TINA SHARNAS We love our Leader Dogs! Maddy and Addy Sharnas May 2022 $25.00
  • Valerie Carey December 2021 $10.00
  • Ron Del Boccio December 2021 $20.00
  • Elizabeth Krause December 2021 $10.00
  • Zamir Beraty December 2021 $10.00
  • Anonymous Keep up the great work! Merry Christmas! December 2021
  • Anonymous December 2021
  • Michael Wheelock In memory of Birdy Mead December 2021 $10.00
  • Sally Tillman This donation is in honor of Sara Claudia Cain and her amazing Leader Dog, Jackson! December 2021 $50.00
  • Kathy Berghoff Donation made to honor Elsa, former leader dog, career changed and now retired service dog. Love our Elsa! December 2021 $10.00
  • Suzanne Crandall Blessings! December 2021 $10.00
  • Anonymous December 2021 $20.00
  • Anonymous In honor of our first puppy Maxine(CC - Munitions Detection Dog) December 2021
  • Sue Lentz We are so thankful for Career changed Leader Dog Star. December 2021 $50.00
  • Kennerh Koepke December 2021 $10.00
  • Greg and Amy Jordan December 2021 $10.00
  • Stephanie Hall Seana and Hun E Bun, thank you for putting LD Jemma in our lives December 2021 $10.00
  • Ronda Del Boccio LD Jemma is such a blessing to me! December 2021 $10.00
  • Jeremy Hunter In thanks to all the great dogs I’ve had over the years from Leader Dog. December 2021
  • David Walle In memory of his leader dogs: "Brandy", "Merlin", "Murphy", "Sammy", "Casper", "Chloe" December 2021 $50.00
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  • Stephen and Dianne Bonetti November 2021 $300.00
  • Ian Ladomer December 2021 $250.00
  • Adam Brunkus In memory of Gracie, we miss you December 2021 $100.00
  • Fred Dolehanty December 2021 $100.00
  • Sheila Sarver In memory of Amber - we miss you. In honor of our girl Ebony, and her sweet cousin Jackie. You bring so much light into our lives! Thank you Leader Dogs for the Blind!! December 2021 $100.00
  • Cynthiab Vallade Merry Christmas to all the people at Leader Dogs for the Blind!! Thank you for all the hard work you do and for making life so much better for those who need one of the Leader Dogs to help them thru each and every day. God Bless you all and God Bless all t December 2021 $100.00
  • Brad Yocca In Memory of Krys Yocca December 2021 $100.00
  • Susan & Alan Garavaglia In loving memory of Mike Ewing of Brighton, who passed away suddenly in November 2021. December 2021 $100.00
  • Patti Matheny In honor of the Leader Dog puppies we had the privilege of raising: Chevie, Dempsey, Foose, Axle and GTO Judge. December 2021 $100.00
  • Bruce Moorehouse December 2021 $100.00
  • Brenda Kimble December 2021 $100.00
  • Scott Bollman December 2021 $100.00
  • Marc Kramer December 2021 $100.00
  • Ken Moore In honor of our past dogs and Arthur which we just adopted from your career change program. December 2021 $100.00
  • Donna Hanson for my Dolly girl :-) November 2021 $100.00
  • John Hebert Leader Dog lights up the world of mobility and independence November 2021 $100.00
  • Leeanne O'Hara In gratitude for my best buddy, Ike. November 2021 $100.00
  • Megan Williams Honoring Duane A Guhlke November 2021 $100.00
  • Lou and Karen RAPOCH Grateful for the services Leader Dogs provide to make the visually impaired unstopable! Thank you. November 2021 $100.00
  • Lou and Karen RAPOCH Grateful for the services Leader Dogs provide to make the visually impaired unstopable! Thank you. November 2021 $100.00
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Light Up Leader Dog

Join us this holiday season as we Light Up Leader Dog!  For a $10 donation, a luminary will be placed in your honor on the campus of Leader Dogs for the Blind on the evening of December 17, 2021.  Our goal is to light up the campus with over 1,000 luminaries honoring our supporters and lighting up the beautiful campus of Leader Dogs for the Blind. Please join us for our Light Up Leader Dog Drive-Thru event to see the campus all lit up! 

Light Up Leader Dog Drive-Thru Event
Friday, December 17, 2021
5:30-7:30 p.m.
1039 S. Rochester Rd.
Rochester Hills, MI 48307