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Count the Kicks is an evidence-based stillbirth prevention and awareness campaign that teaches expectant parents the method for, and importance of, tracking fetal movement daily during the third trimester of pregnancy. Each year in the U.S., approximately 23,500 babies are born still, or 1 in every 169 pregnancies, making it 10 times more common than SIDS.  Research shows that a change in movement is sometimes the only indication that a baby is in distress.

Through the Count the Kicks campaign there are a community of moms who are in tune with their bodies and their babies, letting providers know when something feels off. Time and time again this system works — and babies are being saved across the country.

Proceeds from Lydie's Loop will help with the expansion of Count the Kicks education and resources for Ohio maternal health workers, expectant parents and the community-based organizations that support them.

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