Thank You To Our Sponsors

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship levels available for the 2021 Kaleidoscope Child Foundation "Walk for Education"


Primary School: $500
Your logo on the KCF website, and KCF social media.

Middle School: $1,000
Your logo on the  KCF website, and KCF social media PLUS a personalized thank you from a Kaleidoscope kid.

High School: $2,500
All of the above PLUS a feature about your business in our newsletter, website, and social media.

University: $5,000
All of the above PLUS name dedication on one of our school classrooms in India for one year.

Mentor: $15,000
Permanent name dedication for one of our classrooms in the village of Nokor Krau, Cambodia.

Legacy: $25,000
Permanent name dedication for a new IT Tech facility within our Lakhanpur, India school.

There are no sponsors for this event.

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