Messages of Gratitude from the Frontlines

“I’ve been helping distribute some of the meals and wanted to let you know the teams are so appreciative! Sometimes we forget to give thanks, and I wanted you to know it’s a tremendous help to those on the front line who may not have time for meal breaks. Thanks to you, your team, and all of our donors!

Gerri Stubbert, Supervisor
Patient Relations

“The Health First Foundation helped provide meals during past COVID-19 surges and proactively reached out to support our teams again when the recent surge began. The meals help deliver joy to our busy teams. We are blessed to have such generous donors and a proactive Foundation to make this possible.”

Kyle Baxter, Administrator
Palm Bay Hospital

“On behalf of myself and the facilities team at Holmes Regional Medical Center, we would like to thank the Foundation for the box lunches we’ve received over the last year. Please express our deepest gratitude to your benefactors and staff as it’s very much appreciated.”

Rick Desmond, Supervisor
Facilities and Construction