Most Enjoyable Group Performance Voting Page

How to Vote

Vote for your favorite nominee by making a donation to Child & Family Service. Votes are tallied using a multiplier system -- the larger your donation, the more votes you cast!

Step 1:  Using the form below, select the nominee you would like to vote for under "Donation Recipient."

Step 2:  Vote for your selected nominee by making a donation!  The number of votes per dollar is determined by the “Vote Multiplier Table.” See below for details. For example:

  • $50 = 50 votes (multiplier of x1),
  • $100 = 300 votes (multiplier of x3).

Step 3 (optional):  Before you submit your vote you will be asked to add a 6% donation to help cover processing fees. Selecting this option will double your total votes! For example, a gift of $100 would increase from 300 votes to 600 votes!                                                                                                                     

Step 4:  Complete your transaction.  You’re done!

If you would like to cast votes for another nominee, whether it’s in the same category or different, select that nominee and repeat steps 1 thru 4. Each transaction (steps 1-4) applies to only one nominee. 


Giving Level per Donation Vote Multiplier
     Each donation of $1,000 or more 6X
     Each donation of $500 - $999.99 4X
     Each donation of $100 - $499.99 3X
     Each donation under $100 1X
     Add a 6% donation to help cover processing fees 2X

Voting is blind. Winners will be announced during a live television broadcast featuring Child & Family Service.

Don't forget to check the box to double your votes, located under your credit card information below!

After you enter your donation amount, a check box will appear below your credit card information which will read:

I'd like to double my votes by adding a $ [6% of your donation amount will appear here] donation to my transaction to help CFS cover processing fees. 

  • Donation Recipient

  • Number of Votes

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  • Privacy Information

  • Payment Information

    Billing Information

  • Leave a Note

  • $0.00 Total Amount To Be Charged

For questions or help casting your vote, please email: