The love of a mother is like no other.

Our moms, stepmoms, aunts, grandmas and “bonus moms” hold our hands, kiss our skinned knees, read our favorite stories and encourage us to dream. 

They nurture future teachers, doctors, nurses and gardeners.

They show kids how special they are, and they give them wings to soar.

But sometimes it’s hard – especially now.

Right now, you know a family struggling from the impact of the COVID -19 pandemic – overwhelmed, exhausted and sacrificing to give their children opportunities for brighter tomorrows. 

But you can help!

With a gift from the heart, you can spread love and joy to children and families who need a little extra support to learn to dream again.

We hear from families struggling to cope every single day. They know Children’s Home Society of Florida will give hope, guidance, strength and services that can help them overcome the most difficult time of their lives.





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Funds will empower moms and children in Children’s Home Society of Florida programs to turn odds into opportunities as they gain skills and confidence to overcome challenges presented by poverty and the fallout from COVID-19. Funds will help more moms give their children wings to soar.

All the Ways You Can Join the CHS Mother's Day Campaign 👇

Did you know that – before COVID – 1 in 5 children in Florida lived in poverty? That number has only grown. Sadly, poverty has consequences …

•	Children in poverty are: o	3 times more likely to be abused, o	7 times more likely to be neglected, and o	7 times more likely to drop out of high school. o	If they drop out, they are 63 times more likely to be incarcerated as an adult.Together, we can change this! You can turn these odds into opportunities for children – and entire families.

At CHS, we believe that no child, no family should face the tough times alone.

We are stronger together. Together, we soar higher.

Let’s honor the ones who taught us how to soar. Join CHS in celebrating moms, and pay it forward to children throughout Florida. Create or join a team or make a donation today.

You can help a child reach new heights!

Please help Children’s Home Society of Florida meet families’ needs with the right solutions at the right time … to empower kids throughout Florida to realize their full potential. With a “cradle to career” approach, we help children – and their parents – find strengths, confidence and opportunities through:

  • Early Childhood Services
  • Child Welfare
  • Counseling & Mental Health Services
  • Community Partnership Schools
  • Mentoring, Outreach & Job Training

Through these solutions, parents, kids and families find support to overcome challenges presented by poverty and the fallout from COVID-19 … and they receive opportunities to realize their full potential – to truly soar.

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