Frequently Asked Questions

In case you are having a tough time registering, donating, etc. these questions should help you out step by step. If you should any problems please call and and we will walk you through it! 877-88-MYGOAL (69462)

How do I register?

Registering is simple! On the Event home page click Become a Bowler/Fundraise on the left hand side. Here you will chose 'Register to Bowl' you will be asked to enter your email and then create an account, fill out the form as it states. Once you have created an account you can now finish registering for the event. The prompts will show you exactly what you need to do.

I already have an account, where can I login?

There are 2 different places to login in, on the main event page under the 'Donate Now' button you will see the 'Login' button, simply click that and enter your email and password. There is also a login tab at the very top right of your computer screen, or on your mobile device you simply click 'Menu' and the login option is the first tab.

How do I add more bowlers?

Once you are registered and have completed the 'Registration Details' prompt you will be lead to the 'Review and Billing" prompt. Here you will find the name of the person who just registered, to add another bowler please click the button right below the name that say ' Add Additional Registrant'. This will then take you back to the 'Registration Details' prompt where you will fill in the information of the bowler you would like add. There is no limit to how many bowlers can be added!

How do I create a team?

To create a team you will click the "Register to Bowl/Fundraise" button, click "Register to Bowl" and follow the steps to create an account. You will then have 3 choices, click 'Create a Fundraising Team'. You will then create a team name and chose what your team goal will be.

I am interested in volunteering for this account.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Simply go to the Event Home page and on the right hand side of the page there is a button "I'd like to volunteer". Click that button and you will be redirected to MyGOAL's volunteer page. Please fill out the information and click submit.

I would like to donate to a specific team or individual

Easy enough! Simply click the Donate button on the Event Home page, you will be directed to the donation page. Here you will find all the amazing reasons why all of your contributions and donations are so important to MyGOAL Autism. Scroll down and you will see the 'Donte to a Specific Team, Individual or Event'. Below 'Donation Recipient' click the button that says 'Change Recipient'. Here you will enter the Team name or Individual you would like to donate towards.

I would like to Sponsor the event

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our event! To sponsor our event simply click the Sponsorship button. Once on the sponsorship page you will have an option of 5 different sponsorship opportunities, under each one of these is a detailed list of what your company will receive for that sponsorship.

I'm still having trouble.

No problem! Give us a call at 877-88-MYGOAL (69462) or email our Program Coordinator Jennie Soto at and we will gladly walk you through the steps.