Did you Know...

There are many creative ways to give to Nemours that may help you accomplish both your long-term financial and charitable goals?

Making a planned gift to Nemours is a fantastic way to have an enduring impact on the future of children’s healthcare. One way to do so is through an IRA rollover. An IRA rollover allows up to $100,000 of your gift to be excluded from your gross income for tax purposes.*

How does this work?

  • You make a distribution directly from an IRA to Nemours by December 31.
  • Are you eligible?
  • You are at least 70.5 years of age.
  • The distribution must otherwise be included in gross income.
  • The distribution must otherwise be fully deductible as a charitable contribution.

What are the benefits to you?
Up to $100,000 for an individual or $200,000 for a couple is removed from your gross income for tax purposes.
Questions about an IRA rollover or other planned giving vehicles? Please contact Melissa Chirinos, melissa.chirinos@nemours.org, for more information.

*Certain IRS limitations apply. The information presented is not intended as legal or financial advice. Please consult your own professional advisors to discuss your specific situation.