How do I bid?

Step 1: Register to Bid here

Step 2: Go to instructions for downloading the Givi App on your mobile device by clicking here

Step 3: Sign up on the Givi app using your ticket code that you received in your e-mail & adding your payment information. 

Step 4: Start bidding! 

When does bidding open and close?

Bidding opens on February 19th at 7 am and closes on February 26th at 8 pm!

How do I buy raffle tickets?

You can purchase raffle tickets at Register to Bid above or purchase in the "BUY" tab in the Givi App. More raffle information here on the Raffle Terms and Conditions page.

Can I pay by another method than the one I used to sign-up in the Givi App?

Yes, for auction items only. When you check-out you can choose a different credit card payment method by clicking the card attached to your account in Checkout and then adding a different credit card.

Donations and raffle items are charged daily and are only able to use the payment method on file in the Givi App.

Can I pay for items by check?

Yes, for auction items only. If you would like to pay by check you will need to email mejohnson@ksfw.org by noon on Monday, March 1st to request a different payment  method. All cards on file will be charged for their winning bid at noon on Monday, March 1st.

How to Use the Givi App