Our Grants Program

The PSO Grant Program is a supplemental program funded entirely by PSO's own discretionary funds and provides individual awardees, who apply for funds, the ability to make specific purchases; or to help fund existing or new programs in the classroom. We award funds in order to improve the impact of the education that students receive in the classroom.  It provides awardees with the ability to  purchase and fund programs in the classroom that are beyond the reach of their budgets.

  • The Grant Program is funded entirely by PSO dues, donations and spirit wear sales.

  • PSO awarded over $240,000 in grant funds to OCSA Academic and Conservatory Faculty or Staff members.  

  • The grants funded purchases and projects ranging from extra books for the classroom to music for conservatory libraries, from sports equipment and musical instruments to eraser board and electronic whiteboards.  

  • Grant awards can range from $100 to $1000, and occasionally several thousand dollars.

  • All OCSA faculty and staff are eligible to apply.

Submit an application by September 15, 2023

Application for PSO Grant HERE