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I have always been an animal lover. I didn't have too much luck with fish but who does?
I used to ride horses, try to pet cats often, but doggos have my heart. A dog's tail wagging is equivalent to a human smiling. The fact that dogs can lower a person's blood pressure fascinates me. Their comfort can assist so many people. They're so smart too! Maybe not Mister Walter but also I may not give him enough credit. He is really good at comforting me and just being there to look cute. Paul/Papa/Popo is my rescue. That word can go two ways but mean the same thing. Yes, my mother and I rescued him from an awful situation. However, Paul rescues my mother and me a lot. Rescues us from feeling a certain way. His funny smile or his constant wagging tail is something else. That boy is so smart!

About Paul:
Someone who should never own an animal abandoned Paul in a crate within an empty home. A puppy should never be afraid of everyone/everything! It took forever for my mother and me to gain his trust. Now he trusts pretty much only us... BUT he is also overweight and happy! He and Wally get along like they've been together their whole lives. I am so thankful for both of my leetle boys. Their tails wagging are a constant reminder to me... Happiness. More dogs need that!





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